About Pro Kart Go Karts

Cutting-Edge Go Karts That Were Built to Race

Designed for speed and drivability. High performance, modern karts. That is what you will find at Pro Karting Experience, home of the most powerful karts in the Tampa Bay area. With outstanding comfort and spacious seating, our gas-powered go karts are equipped to race in excess of 50 mph, delivering one-of-a-kind driving behavior and superior shock stability. All our karts feature a new hydraulic brake with ventilated disk and unrivaled energy absorption.

performance features


Our state-of-the-art gas-powered go karts were designed for high performance. All our go karts are single-seat karts; we do not offer double seats. Each kart boasts the following performance features:

  • Hydraulic brake with self-adjusting brake pads and ventilated disk
  • Steel frame tubes
  • A stainless steel polished riveted floor
  • Strengthened machined aluminum rims
  • Flexible nylon steering tie rods
  • High-strength aluminum steering column beam machined from a single piece
  • Machined wheel hubs
  • Three spoke steering wheel in high elastic limit steel
  • An ergonomic polyethylene reinforced bucket seat

Every kart at Pro Karting Experience was specifically designed to race. Our karts have the following features:

  • Each kart is equipped with a vacuum fuel pump
  • Includes protection for abrasion and shock resistance
  • Optimal protection of engine cover and rear axle against hot parts and rotating regardless of seat position
  • The engine mount is integrated to the frame to effectively lower the center of gravity
  • The rear sprocket — made of composite material – is manufactured in two parts, enabling quick assembly
  • Equipped with three bearings on the rear axle

Professional racing staff delivers personal service for each driver.

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Our professional racing staff works with every driver to familiarize them with the specifics of our racing karts and answer any questions prior to setting out on the track to race. Pro Karting Experience is located in St. Petersburg, Florida and serves the entire Tampa Bay area. Our facility is open for driving seven days a week; we also accept reservations outside of standard business hours upon request. To learn more about our driving tracks and to schedule your visit, contact us today at (727) 525-5278 or online. Our dedicated staff is happy to assist you.