Arrive and drive

race pricing - here’s how it works

single ride

With the single ride, you get one race, one race configuration, insurance, and safety gear.

three rides

With the triple race pricing, you get 3 races on one race configuration, insurance, and safety gear.

Per person, unable to split.

Arrive and drive

Arrive and drive information

At Pro Karting Experience, all of our carts are single-seat karts, which means everyone drives themselves, even kids! All racing for “Arrive & Drive” is done on one course of our St. Petersburg track. To race different courses during your visit with us, check out our Group Pricing or Parties & Events page for more information on different tracks. You can also visit our Event Calendar for course configurations, League Nights, Toddlerdega, Owner Operators Open Practice, Professional Race Days, etc.

Adult Racing
Adult Racing

Adult racing is for riders aged 16 and older. Adult riders race in high-speed karts. These karts reach speeds up to 50mph. Must be 56” or taller.

Family Racing
Family Racing

Family karting allows for families with adults and kids to drive the course together in the same race.

Junior Racing
Junior Racing

Junior karts are smaller than our high-speed karts to accommodate shorter legs. All drivers must be a minimum of 52” tall. These karts reach speeds up to 30mph. Must be 52” or taller. We also have Rookie Karts that reach speeds up to 15mph, and require racers to be at least 52” tall to ride.

Racing Requirements

All drivers under the age of 18 need a parent or legal guardian to fill out a Liability waiver in order to be eligible to race. This must be done in person at the registration desk or you can bring in a notarized copy printed from our website. ID may be required to verify your information on your profile.

We provide safety equipment to every racer, and insurance is included in the price of your race. All drivers must wear closed-toed shoes in order to race. Water shoes available for purchase

Membership Benefits

Pro Karting Experience requires memberships for $5.61 per person, annually. Here’s what you get when you become a member:

Free Race On Your Birthday
Digital Scoring & A Timing Printout of All Your Races
New Head Sock To Keep