Time Trial Challenge

This is for the most experienced drivers.   We have our high-speed race tuned speedy kart ready to test the most talented drivers.  Laps are run alone on track to ensure no interference.  All drivers use the same kart to ensure consistency of vehicle.  The only modification done is the addition of weight to the lighter drives to a specific predetermined amount to again help keep equal conditions for all.  Your laps will be recorded and displayed for all to see.  The speedy kart will be available certain days and times advertised.  It can also be made available by appointment.  Because this is a much faster kart than our adult speed karts, the driver must display a certain amount of ability.  This will be determined by previous visits to PKE or must achieve a certain lap time in the “Adult” speed karts to display such ability.


All times for all drivers of the speedy kart will be recorded and a winner with the fastest single lap time will be crowned for each month.  Monthly winner will be posted in the shop and on our website as the fastest driver at PKE each month!


$30 1 – 10 lap Session

Drivers may do as many sessions as they want during the month to try and archive the fastest lap time.  In the end, only 1 lap will count all month…. The Fastest!!  Who’s the Track Master?

10 lap session

  • Try as many times as you want

Consistency Challenge

Here at PKE we are constantly looking to keep things interesting for our race customers.  In addition to the changing the track configuration we offer several different Leagues and Challenges.  The Consistency Challenge is one of just that, how consistent us your driving and race lines?

The Challenge consists of 1 Regular Session.  Your lap times will be scored against themselves.  Meaning, you are only competing against yourself and how close you can keep your lap times the same.  We have a formula that will determine who puts down the most consistent lap times no matter who is the fastest.  Being the fastest is not the goal of the challenge.  This will make up for any inconsistencies in any kart you drive, because you are not competing against anyone else’s times.  Just how close can you keep your time together?

Winners will be determined at the end of each month and will be displayed in the shop and on our website as the Smoothest driver at PKE.


$30 1 race session

1 Race Session

  • Try as many times as you want

Qualifying Session

A Qualifying Session will display to PKE that a driver has the control over his/her kart and the speed to compete in any of our Challenges.  Since we want to ensure safety as well as good racing, all drivers who want to participate in any of our leagues or monthly challenges must have a qualifying session on record.

A Q. session will be a 6-lap time trial.  In that time, the driver should be able to reach a certain lap time predetermined according to the course being run.  Once the driver has successfully complete the Q session, we will have it on file and he/she is eligible to compete in any of our Leagues or Challenges.


$10, 1 – 6 Lap Session

Driver must request to run a Qualifying Session when checking in at Registration.