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Here at PKE we offer you an opportunity to take the first step in your kart racing career.  We have over 40 years of competitive go kart racing experience.  Whether it’s the local scene or all the way up to National level, we have the knowledge to get you set up to succeed.


We offer Driver Training, Trackside Service and Arrive and Drive Programs.  Whether you own your own kart or rent one of our proven award winning karts, we can get you on the track and ready to compete.

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Clarissa Hughes
Clarissa Hughes

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Update. The owner contacted me and was very kind. I am sure this may have been a fluke (I hope so). I feel terribly writing a bad review, particularly if I wasn’t able to speak with the owner. They granted us another run, which we will do at some point. That is all we hoped for, just the chance for my son to be given a working car, and even coached to the same standard as the other boy was.

Thank you for your reaching out. I wish it had been handled that day by your employee, but I appreciate the gesture very much. I think many people have had a good experience (& why we chose this facility). So hoping they took care of the problematic car. Thank you!

I am not a complainer (unless there’s a really good reason to which is incredibly rare.) My son’s kart was not working properly. We spent our laps trying to get his Kart to go, I had to drive slowly next to him and was watching him up close try to apply pressure to the gas without his foot on the breaks. The workers there insisted that it was my son resting his foot on the break. It was not. I had my foot resting on the break and my car worked fine. When I confronted him to maybe check the kart for future customers to be sure that it worked, he told me it works fine without testing it around the track. This worker also claimed that they were watching, and it was because my son had his foot resting on the break-but we were on the other side of the track - there’s no way they saw what was going on. I was right next my son. He did not even have his foot on the break for much of this and I was telling him to push the gas - I was watching him push the gas. The only thing they could see from a far was that we were both going very slowly and sometimes stopped. The right thing to do would have been to at least take the car out for a lap and test it, which is what I asked them to do. His “test” was to push the break and push the gas while he was standing next to the car. I told him sometimes the car was working a little and a lot of times it was not. He argued with me and then he admitted that a couple of the cars breaks are “extra sensitive”. That’s when I said well even if that were part of the problem, don’t you think that alone might be an issue? He said no without even checking. The other kart place my son went to was great and he went really fast and did not have this issue AT ALL. I wonder what he will say when the next person complains about that car.
Seeing someone struggling and not getting the full experience because of faulty breaks or a faulty car, should have handled this very differently.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

An absolute must. The track isn't overwhelming for the youth and fun for adults. They also offer a League night with a longer configuration. The staff is very informative and detailed with their instructions.