The Go Karts

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Cutting Edge Racing Karts

  • Awesome¬† speed, up to 50 MPH!
  • Excellent comfort and spacious seating.
  • One of a kind driving behavior.
  • Outstanding shock stability.
  • Unrivaled energy absorption.
  • New hydraulic brake with ventilated disk.
  • Modern design.

Engineered for Performance

  • Hydraulic brake with self-adjusting brake pads and ventilated disk.
  • Steel frame tubes.
  • Stainless steel polished riveted floor.
  • Strengthened machined aluminum rims.
  • Machined wheel hubs.
  • Flexible nylon steering tie rods.
  • High-strength aluminum steering column beam machined from a single piece.
  • Three spoke steering wheel in high elastic limit steel.
  • Ergonomic polyethylene reinforced bucket seat.

Built for Racing

  • Vacuum fuel pump.
  • Engine mount integrated to the frame to lower the center of gravity.
  • Rear sprocket in composite material manufactured in two parts for quick assembly.
  • Rear axle equipped with three bearings.
  • Shock and abrasion resistant protection and bodywork.
  • Rear axle and engine cover designed for optimum protection against rotating and hot parts regardless of the position of the bucket seat.